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Let's succeed together

If you are a professional or amateur athlete or are in a high-pressure career, it is the cultivation of your mindset that will bring out your best. Whilst a certain level of skill/knowledge is required in these situations, it’s not enough….it is mindset that will unlock your talents. And it is mindset that will have you remain engaged and committed to any endeavour to maximise your talent.

Professional Swimmer

“I can only control my performance. If I do my best, then I can feel good at the end of the day”

Michael Phelps


Over my career I have worked with AFL footballers, Victorian state competitors, Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes as well as numerous clients in high pressure careers, teaching them the skills to be their best in their chosen field, and in life.

I have also worked as a Performance Psychologist at the Victorian Institute of Sport and now work as an Independant Private Practitioner.

Woman with Workout Gloves


Performance psychology consultations are always tailored to the individual, but will typically include things like:

Goal setting – outcome and process goals

Performance anxiety

Cultivating high performance habits

Dealing with injury and setbacks

Understanding your values and your “why” for doing what you do

Mental preparation, focus, concentration and dealing with pressure

Managing external factors impacting performance

Maintaining balance and perspective

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